Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Beta exam passed

Got an eMail from Magento saying I passed the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Beta exam with a score of ~92%.
I learned for this roughly over a week and checked out all known features from the Enterprise Edition (now Magento Commerce) in version 2.1 plus all the other topics noted in the sudy guide and other official resources plus a guide from here which did help me in a few topics to get into them. To learn I made my own personal guide by writing about all topics which is in total with c&p over 250 pages long. So not a quick read but writing makes you remember the things you wrote. :)

For the questions, I cannot speak about them as I agreed to it. So it's just my experience.

As I still remembered a few questions that I got wrong for sure after the exam, I had to check some sources for the right answers.

Overall it was challenging in my opinion. More than the first one, which I passed with a score of ~95% not so long ago. Sitting 3 hours in front of the monitor for the beta exam was not easy at least.
I also had 2 technical difficulties. Still, I was lucky.

Anyways, it was a worthwhile experience if you want to learn something about Magento and the topics around eCommerce. This is a great thing to confirm and improve your experience. So I can recommend it for that once the final exam and study guide will be available. This will make you feel more comfortable with Magento's feature set and the possibilities offered.

Update 2017-20-10:

Hooray, I received the badge!

Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

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