Pimping the site's performance

So a few updates here to get started. The blog was not available for some time and eMails did not work for some days, but it's not a problem. No content for now and only backup mail address.

For starters, I implemented Cloudflare to issue a valid SSL certificate.
First I got some problems after moving the domain away from my webspace provider but luckily it supports external domains with a monthly fee so I could just add some DNS entries again and make the whole thing work. Tell me if not. Cloudflare can geenrate a SSL certificate you install on your origin (the webspace) and in return you can activate the Strict SSL checks on Cloudflare as it recognizes itself as a valid CA (oh wonders) when proxying the request to the origin.

So, I also managed to set PHP 7.0 which gives a nice boost. Still, lacking some speed here and I want a good GTMetrix score. A few optimizations later, it seems a lot better.

Pages are cached for 2 hours, static content anyways and crucial parts work with bypassing the cache.
There is a delay with the published pages which currently is a nice bonus as I tend to edit things often after publishing.

Now the score is 98%/98% which is quite nice. Let's get those Google Fonts down in a while and I'm satisfied. I admit, there is no fanciness here and I most likely will keep it this way as I want to concentrate on the content. Maybe a few tweaks in the theme, I wonder how there is no real navigation.

In the free plan Cloudflare is not supporting http/2 (it seems at least in my browser inspection). But I think in time this could change when mass adoption takes place.

Did miss something, Cloudflare supports http/2 out of the box. I have to investigate the problem.

But I'm happy. For a few bucks I got SSL working with a nice setup and further possibilities.

Oh, I am not tracking visitors here except for native logs and analytics of my server services. Let's keep it this way for now until necessary.